Should I do this? Thongs?

So I'm new to the idea of thongs, and Valentine's day is coming around. I have been with my current boyfriend for eight months now, and this is gonna be my first Valentine's with him.

I want any opinions on this:

Are thongs comfortable? All I have worn is boy shorts, hipsters and string bikinis.

Should I get one before Valentine's day as a sort of surprise for my boyfriend? Or should I wait until his birthday (in May) or even longer than that?

Is it considered slutty or trashy to surprise your boyfriend with a revealing underwear like that? Should I even surprise him at all, or just wear them for myself and let him find out?

Is it hard to keep 'Whale tail" from happening? I don't want to wear these and get unwanted attention, they are just for myself and my boyfriend to know about.

I've always been curious to try a thong, as one of my friends loves them and says they are better than what I am used to wearing.

Any thoughts, please and thank you!
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I have now bought one thong and a few lacy underwear so now I have some sexy underwear. Surprisingly, I'm not as bothered by a thong as I thought I would be. I'll still have to get use to it though.


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  • I like thongs. Boyshorts are comfy. Thongs are good for tight dresses/jeans.

    Is it considered slutty or trashy to surprise your boyfriend with a revealing underwear like that?

    - No, it's not. That's absurd. It's your boyfriend, for crying out loud. You shouldn't have to for a special day.. It can be any day.

    Should I even surprise him at all, or just wear them for myself and let him find out?

    - Surprise him. Let him take your pants off, bend over, and pull the bit of the thong aside.

    Is it hard to keep 'Whale tail" from happening?

    - What's 'Whale tail'?

    • whale tail is when your thong starts to peek out of your pants when you sit. apparently its very slutty or trashy to the general opinion. if you think about it, it looks like a whales' tail.

    • Oh, hahah.

      It's not hard. Some girls let that happen on purpose. I never seem to have that issue.

    • ah, OK then :)

Valentines Day

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  • I appreciate them wen watching girls with tight jeans...since you can't really see them under the jeans! They don't get in the way of appreciating her contours


    • Just about everyone in tight jeans or tight anything else is wearing them these days.

  • It definitely isn't considered trashy to surprise your boyfriend like that. Letting him find out that first time though is an awesome idea. Just do what is right and comfortable for you, and have fun!

  • Personally, I don't really like thongs, but your boyfriend might!

    • How come? I'm curious to know why some people don't prefer them

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    • I, personally, Only tried them on because this guy I had been seeing, had given this sexy white set a few years ago. I found the bind up the butt was a turn off to me, and although I don't even care about wearing undies, unless That time of the month rolls around, I am one for not even liking a tampon up my other hole.lol..But that is just me. Now, on a different side, there are girls on Here who will tell you they are the best thing since the birth control pill, but as I say, just my opinion.

    • yeah I think I'm in the middle right now, I would have to get used to it but I like how it feels like I'm not wearing any underwear. It's weird but cool lol

  • no, I don't think you should


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  • Hi, sweetie...a few years ago, a guy I had been seeing, had bought me a white thong set. No one had ever did this for me before, so I was not only flattered, but---shocked.

    I tried it on, and thank God I was thin enough to have been able to fit in to it. Yes, sexy, for I have pix to prove it.

    This, just in my opinion, is a great to turn on the faucets of romance. If you both Have been an item for awhile now, No, it's not "considered slutty or trashy to surprise your Boyfriend with." He probably, and I am quite sure he will, get hot and heated.

    However, the thong does go "up the butt", if You don't mind the "touch," for however long it is before you get---touched. Being it Is real sexy, probably not long before the thong would get tossed, and "between the sheets" You go.xx

    I have never worn them all day, but I have known girls who do, and like seem to have no problem. However, That being said, is not for everyone. I mentioned, in passing, that a "rash up the ass" could easily start just by moving around, and especially in the summer, where "heat rash" can form. Women do have to be careful with things like that. So I have suggested undies in between.

    What You could do, being you have plenty of time before the big weekend, is buy One just to feel it out. And if you feel comfy, and not "discomfited," then by all means, buy a whole set to set the night right. If you find you don't like the "thing up the ol' gahzing" effect, then might I suggest a sexy two piece Red lacy pantie and bra set, that will also get his own Dong in motion.:))

    Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie. Enjoy---either way.xx

    • I never left it on long enough to see if comfortable, but I do Know, I didn't want it on all day. Would be more comy in undies, When I do wear them. Everyone is different for "touch to the skin".

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    • should show me those pix

    • lol...I "sent them to Egypt"...:))xx

  • Things are by no means comfortable in my opinion but I wear them everyday and I don't really notice that I am wearing it through out the day. But I don't wear them to be sexy I do it so that I don't have embarrassing panty lines with tight jeans, dresses, yoga pants and leggings, etc. If you don't want to wear a thong just try all lace panties or something like that which are more comfortable and still cute.

  • They're only uncomfortable if you wear the wrong size.

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