Have you noticed that it’s mostly good-looking people who are in couples?

I’ve definitely noticed this. I rarely see average and below-average people in couples.

I suspect I know why this is. I approach all kinds of girls frequently. But unfortunately I’m only average looking, and so I fail 99.9999% of the time, even though I have low standards. Most girls find most guys to be unattractive and unworthy. Hence it’s mostly good-looking guys who get the girls. But because good-looking guys are hugely outnumbered by the overall female population, those good-looking guys get their pick. And of course they will pick good-looking girls.

Therefore average and below-average people are underrepresented.
Actually, I should clarify. I'm talking about young adults. There's plenty of average- and below-average-looking middle-aged and old couples.


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  • I've seen men who are unattractive to me dating women who are also unattractive to me.

    I've seen men who are unattractive to me dating women who are attractive to me.

    I've seen men whom I consider to be assholes dating women who I also consider to be assholes.

    I've seen men whom I consider to be perfect dating women who I consider to be assholes.

    I've seen men who I consider to be asshole dating women who I consider to be perfect.

    I've seen men dating other men.

    I've seen men with money dating poor girls.

    I've seen poor men dating women with money.

    You must live in a very very small bubble.

    • Actually, I live in London, so I see A LOT of different people from all kinds of backgrounds and from all over the world.

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    • And why should an ugly guy have self-confidence? I don't think that the problem is that ugly guys are too unconfident (they're just realistic). I think the problem is that ugly girls are too confident.

    • I believe its a social thing. Ugly women, are still women, women NEED to socailize more than men, so to make up for their ugliness they strengthen their social skills to make up for their looks. For example they may volunteer more and go into social service jobs. So they learn to tend to the needs of others, to gain the attention of others. Ugly men close themselves off socially, interact with less people, and obtain a more negative outlook on life. And choose jobs that are socially restrictive.

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  • Not true, I'm still single at 27 and do consider myself attractive.. All I ever see is below average looking people in relationships or getting married having children. I actually think it's harder to find true love as an attractive person.

    • I didn't say there are no single attractive people.

      As I implied, there are far more good-looking women than good-looking men, so of course many good-looking women aren't going to be able to get a good-looking man.

    • Also by your age, a lot of guys have given up trying with girls. So there's another problem.

    • maybe so... who knows lol

  • lol you must be below average then because average looking people are still considered attractive and still get checked out lmao!

  • Good-looking does not automatically equate to perfection. They have problems too but you have only seen the exterior sides of them and assume the best of them or the highest quality of them.

  • Strange..., before I was in my relationship I always thought "why do ugly girls get boyfriends and I dont? I'm nice...cool...funny..."

  • You're stating a fact of life.

    It works this way in the animal kingdom too.

  • i don't agree with you on this. Most people who are in a relationship are the ones that got a personality or has a sex appeal just like a star (I mean actress or actor).

  • Hardly news. Good looking people are the most wanted.

  • You've got it backwards -- it's the good looking couples that are the most noticeable.

  • Can't say I have ever noticed. Just go out sit in a public place and watch you see lots of couples from hot to almost ugly going by.

    • Your wrong on the update plenty of young average looking couples out there.

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    • ...above-average guy?

    • Must be a whole different game on over there here in Canada I just don't see that happening.

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  • From what you have written. I feel it's your self esteem/confidence women are finding unattractive.

    If you don't improve your negative thoughts about yourself, you will find it very difficult to find a relationship. Even when you get to middle age.

    As for the "low standards". Well, you really know how to compliment a girl.

    Good luck finding a Hallmark card for that.

    "Even though, your looks do blow.

    I love you 'cause my standards' low."

    Be my Valentine.

    *rolls eyes*

    • Of course, I would never say to a girl that she's low-quality. But I think what you said is an indication of women's inflated egos. Sorry, but if you're obese with a low-paying job and a mediocre personality, you're low-quality, whether you're male or female. It would be rude of anyone to say that to you, but you should know that for yourself.

    • So a woman has an inflated ego because she feels you have low self esteem?

    • I think a woman who is low-quality but refsues to accept that has an inflated ego.

      I think men are much more willing to label themselves low-quality than women are.

  • I don't think looks have a lot to do with having an ability to get in a relationship, but yes more attractive people will tend to have more options.

    • I think the majority of people are pretty good looking when young by the way. You might agree with me after you age over the next 10 to 20 years.

    • I mean, good-looking relative to their fellow young people.

      Of course most young people are good-looking relative to old people.

    • Sure but the variability is pretty small I think. You'll probably see as you get older. I work with a guy in his early 20s and he picks out tiny flaws with women that I don't notice. Either way being super hot isn't that important. It may just be more challenging for you.

  • Then how did you become born?

    • I don't know from personal experience how things were back then. I only know what things are like now.

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    • I wish.

    • Then possibly drugs?

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