Girls. I find girl's stomachs really hot. is that okay?

I have a fixation toward girls stomachs. I think they're so cute. I especially enjoy skinny slender stomachs that I can wrap my arms around when spooning. Don't get me wrong, I like girls with chubby and fat stomachs too. But overall, I just find it a huge turnoff.

If your boyfriend got really turned on from rubbing your stomach, would it be creepy. The fact that it may be ticklish just adds to the enjoyment for me.

to answer my own question, if it were the other way around and a girl wanted to be like that with me, it would feel weird. and id be a bit surprised because I don't have a particularly attractive stomach. but I would totally be down with it if the girl was into it.


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  • I like seeing a girls toned stomach is very attractive too. But when a girl has a four pack or a sick pack, I get turned off for some reason.


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