Do you care what clothes your guy wears?

If so than what should he wear?

All of my t-shirts are the free ones they've given out on campus and my big brothers old jeans. Mom hates my shoes and buys me more every few months buts I usually sell them for cash and keep the good pair I have. What shoes make you want a guy if any can do this?


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  • I normally wear jeans that are loose enough to where they don't hinder my movement at all but not quite what you would call "baggy". For shoes I only own 3 pairs: A pair of white sneakers, a pair of hiking boots, and a black pair of dressy-type shoes that are the types of things I would wear to a shirt-and-tie occasion. This is, of course, excluding my riding boots. For shirt I usually wear a collared shirt or a button-up shirt, but I'm very careful about not wearing ones that advertise any labels. I'm not anybody's billboard.

    When I go out I usually don't have any say in what I'm wearing because if I'm taking my motorcycle (which I always do unless I'm picking her up) I have to wear my riding boots, riding pants (which are black and have obvious bulges in the places that are padded for safety), and either my red riding jacket (what I'm wearing in my profile pic) or my black one, which I'll wear more often in the summer because it's vented better for better cooling. The only thing I get to choose pretty much is the shirt I'm wearing under my jacket. So, pretty much the outfit you see me wearing in in my profile pic is what I'm forced to wear if I'm riding to get the destination. Otherwise its the jeans, collared shirt, and whichever pair of shoes that is fits the occasion. Any place that demands a 'nicer' dress style than that is not the type of place I'd want to go on a date.


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  • LOL, and you had the nerve to call me a stupid c*nt because I said some situations call for make up. What SHOES make me want a guy? LMAO!

    Tell ya what... on Mother's Day, when your granny is dressed up nicely because her family is gonna take her out to a nice brunch and pictures will be taken, and because she feels special that day, make sure and smack the rosy-pink lipstick right out of her hand, call her a stupid c*nt, and tell her the situation doesn't call for it... then ask for her feedback on how sexy your shoes are.

    Report back here and let me know how that goes for you.

    PS, I can almost guarantee you own at least 3 Ed Hardy items.

  • Yeah I care about clothes. Usually I like guys who wear a lotta Polo, Coogi and they usually wear Nike shoes like Forces and bright colors. I am usually attracted to guys who dress in a hip hop style and are up on the latest trends.

  • I like a guy to be dressed in worn out jeans, preferably black, or washed out, pale ones. I LOVE converse and boots (perhaps dr. martens)...

    A shaggy look, but still well put together.

    A black t-shirt (or dark purple...or maroon...), a hoodie is always hot, maybe with some inscriptions of a band he likes (so I can 'read' him a bit better xD)...

    I like musical guys, so his exterior often tells me what are some of the things he's into, and if that's what I'm looking for. :)

  • One of the worst style offences guys do is underdressing. I mean, I can go out for the night with my friends and we make an effort to look nice and when guys turn up in scruffy t-shirts and boring hoodies it's really annoying. But, if you get it right when you do the scruffy look it can look really good. One of the best dressed guys I've ever seen was wearing a thin hoodie under a scruffed up blazer with rips and it looked suprisingly good.

    Also skinny jeans on guys any more than thin is a bad look.

    I've never met a guy a black shirt and some good fitting jeans didn't improve tenfold. Don't be a div and button it right up though.

    Shoeswise, plimsols and brogues are a safe bet. Never boots.

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    • Never boots? You're weird.

    • LOL boots, I thought of that trailer for Land of the Lost

      "Why are you wearing high heels?!!!!!"

  • i prefer polo and jeans;


    • What about shoes? Do you like these?

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    • definitely no. shop here, you can't go wrong; this is a gorg shoe;

    • Eww, aw man that looks like a big long white croc turd. Maybe some girls aren't worth attracting...

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