Guys in my age group (ish) look old.

So ill preface this by saying that I was in a relationship from 18-30 . I'm having trouble, the guys around me seem like they're so so so much older. They don't exercise, they (no offense) pee every half hour. They look heaps older than me. What's going on? Am I just having trouble adjusting? Or do guys age faster in their 30's? I'd ignore it but I can't date someone who refuses to walk to the letterbox, I'm to active to do that


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  • Well hold on, I feel the same way about older women (30-45), and think I'm going to always have to date quite a bit younger than me. It's not that older women can't be attractive, but, they don't seem able to look after themselves. Lack of exercise, over-eating, indulging their every pleasure, they burn themselves out far too quickly: this applies to both men and women. Men are probably ejaculating too much too (I know this is controversial), so they are permanently chemically castrated, least those ones with underlying weaknesses to begin with.

    • I'm not clear, so you think it's perception? Or the person? Or what? What are your suggestions here?

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    • There are no suggestions, you do what you feel is right, til you get evidence to the contrary. If you feel you are younger internally and externally than your age-group-peers, then date a bit younger? There's always that odd person who breaks the norm too, who does keep in shape. So I'm sure you can find men in your age group too? But I don't see this as being about simply working out, the rot is much deeper within society.

    • Yes good points. I'm not desperate to look for the person who doesn't think going for a walk is excruciating. I just found it so odd I wondered if my perception was off. Maybe not. I've seen A lot if women that do the same. Maybe it is societal and I'm just noticing

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  • Guys your age look older? Are you referring to guys in the office setting?

    Guys that do physical work are not like that lol. We are more energetic and youthful. We are the group of wild ones at the bar, dancing, signing, jumping jacks, ect... ;)

  • I'm wondering where you live. Obviously there is a lot of obesity in the US. Apparently 50% of adults are diabetic or prediabetic right now and in 6 years it's predicted that it will be 60% of adults. Your peers are only going to become more out of shape as you age of course.

    • So any suggestions? Is this an ageing thing or a general unfit society thing? Please help me!

    • I think a large percentage of society lets themselves get unhealthy. Seek out the guys that are more fit? Of course our faces will look older. It's hard to stop that.

  • The shallow end of the pool has gotten substantially more crowded in just the last couple of years.There is no room for stretching out or even taking a lap.Men worry a lot more trying to keep their wives and girlfriends happy enough to stay with them.Worry about work bills,child support.So do you hang around the gym and time people urinating.That is about the only way you'd come up with that number.

    • No I'm just a lot more active and it shows when someone thinks the curb ir letterbox is a long way away. The toilet breaks is weird. I noticed because if you're on a date and someone disappears to the bathroom every half hour it's blindly obvious. No idea why.

    • They have digestive problems or gastro

  • IDK. That's odd to me, but looking at statistics probably not so unusual. I'm in better physical shape then I was in my late 20s. There are some changes vs. then, but I'm certainly not waddling off to pee all the time, and most of the men I -personally- know work out and are in at least decent shape ... but statistics tells me that's not the average. The average male and female is in bad shape by their 30s.

    Where you live and your demographic impacts this. Urban dwellers tend to be healthier then rural or suburbanites, etc.


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  • Yes I have noticed the same things as you. Go for the ambitious early twenties, they work, study, and are social.??. They expect to date someone who is active in life, and they're just getting bigger each month. I can't see that happening.

    • Not sure what you mean. It wasn't an either 20's or 30's or 40's question, it was an observation I was puzzled about and wondered if it was me or ?

    • Yes that's true. Social conditioning to deteriorate quicker and faster. They are surrounded by a lot of negative people and suggestions.

  • Yes most of them are. They drink too much and eat too much unhealthy foods. Choose the younger ones who care about being fit and healthy. :)

    • I don't think young guys care more, its just that some of them the bad habits are only starting to catch up to them. If they're gaining 5-6 lbs a year, which is only eating an extra 50 calories a day over maintenance, at 24 its love handles, at 34 they look like hell.

    • That's true. They're not any better in general, it doesn't mean all younger ones are like that.

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