Would these be good tattoos to get? Any ideas?

I am 24 and just got my first tattoo on my left calf a couple of months ago. Its fairly large...the USMC emblem with my dog tag numbers beneath it.

My next 2 I'm planning to get my daughters name and bday on my chest, and on my forearm I plan to get the Bible verse saying "No weapon formed against me shall prosper"...i am a former cutter and that would be next to my scars, pretty ironic

I was thinking of getting one on either my back or other arm that is some song lyrics...it would read "Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday" in calligraphy or cursive...that is part of a song called I'm Coming Home by Skylar Grey.

What do you think? Suggestions? Opinions?


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  • I love the first two! Especially the one of your daughter. I'm not really a fan of lyrics as tattoos, except if they have a deeper meaning behind it.

  • It's your body


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