Dressing for the third date?

We're going to a mall that has indoor bowling and mini golf, and of course, getting dinner somewhere. I always wear a button down shirt. On our first date, I wore GAP jeans that I think look great but feel uncomfortable, and some casual brown shoes. The second, black dress slacks and shoes when I took her to dinner. I snapped a lace on those nice brown shoes and have no time to get new ones, so I'm thinking just my basic gray sneakers (hardly worn, they won't smell like a gym), and a pair of casual jeans, either Black Wranglers, or the dark blue GAP jeans. What do you think?


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  • I am not an expert, but I have been working on my style, and can tell you the style I would choose.

    Jeans that fit. They shouldn't be too baggy or too tight. A lot of guys wear baggy but jeans, or wear jeans that are way too tight.

    White t-shirt that is not stretched out in the neck. If you pay attention you will notice a lot of guys keep wearing a t-shirt long after the collar has been stretched out, and no longer lays against his chest properly. It are the little details like this that make a man look sloppy. Make sure it isn't wrinkled.

    A simple plain dress shirt that I would leave unbuttoned so that it looks somewhat casual, but is still more dressed up than just a T-shirt alone. You could button it if you want, but if you do, make sure to tuck it in. Make sure it isn't wrinkled. If you tuck it in and then decide to untuck your shirt later on, then the bottom will be wrinkled. So make up your mind before tucking it in.

    A belt. It looks goofy if you buckle a belt on the first or last hole. I have read that it is best buckled on the third hole if possible. Make sure you wear a belt as they are one of the few accessories men get.

    I am not sure which would be better the brown or gray shoes. I like wearing white sneakers that go with my white t-shirt. I am still not good at matching colors yet so I have just stuck with what has worked for me so far. Avoid wearing shoes that look dirty or worn, no matter how comfortable they are.

    Don't forget about your personal grooming either. I see a lot of guys walking around with giant nose hairs sticking out, or that have filthy finger nails. I hope this helps at least give you some ideas.


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