Should I be feeling insecure of my arms?

I am tan, olive-skinned but I have hairy arms. I have black fine thin hair, a lot. Middle school it never bothered me, guys would point it out calmly, not making fun of them and I would be like yeah lol I'm hairier than you. It never bothered me never felt ashamed of it. A lot of guys like me too so I felt it never bothered me. I don't know but all of a sudden in high school I think about it to much that I did not sometimes I feel insecure. Is this weird? don't tell me to shave it I don't want to. What do you think?


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  • Should you develop an insecurity over something trivial? No, you should not. It's probably not as conspicuous as you think and your concern over it will probably fade. I remember covering my arms a lot in high school because of my freckles and now I don't think about them. The guys I date now tell me they like them. So yeah, don't do that, it will pass.


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