What do you think of my new leather jacket its from a cosplay I bought it online.

link image is right here tell me what you think, if it was a good idea or not let the judging fly loose.


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  • Ity looks great in the picture, but you'd need that 'look' to go with it. You have to look like an anime character to bring off that outfit.

    • I was gonna get the wig but didn't have enough money at the time.

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  • How abou I skin you, and then wear you, and then I`ll post a question to see how many people like it. :D!

    It`s ugly! Wear your own skin!

    If it`s immitation, then Iapologize. ...but I still don`t find it appealing, and I Can`t really see the entire jacket to judge properly on the style completely.

    • Wow somebody has a nasty attitude its okay if you don't like it but why get all nasty about it? I will not put you in your place cause I have a feeling you have a horrible life and were never loved ever in your life.

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    • Yes leather but not from animal skin do you want me to show you the picture where it says made from a 100% polyester? Will that finally shut you up?

    • Clearly you're an idiot.. If it's not leather it's NOT leather... it's Pleather or Faux Leather.

  • Its cute. I like it.

  • I love it. It looks great.

  • Looks nice

  • it would look better in brown


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  • It looks pretty awesome. Which character is the cosplay from? I haven't seen much anime lately to know which character its from.

    • Leon scott Kennedy he is a character from Resident Evil 2, Resident evil 4, 5, and 6 from a video game.

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    • huh? what do you mean an girl Ada and befriend her? I didn't get that part

    • oh Ada Wong hehe your funny

  • So that's the one you went for. Sweet. It suits you.


  • Leon S Kennedy, I presume?

    You need to wear it like Leon--not zipped up all the way like that, and collar down.

    And no offense, but given that you've got frizzy red hair that stands up... different style might go better. You look a bit like Ron Weasley, lol.

    • hehe lol but I have blond hair lol where do you see the red hair? and thanks for the tip yeah I think you are right I did feel like something wasn't right when I put it on collar down and not zipped all the way thanks.

    • Maybe my monitor's color is off. What brand is yours? I hace one by Decimal, it's decent for costing $60.

    • mine is emachines

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