Does he just want sex????

we played 20 ?s last night (texting) and he asked a few sexual questions, after making sure I wanted to hear them... lol he said "well they're kinda sexual and you do have a purity ring..." I said "I'm not breaking any rules by answering a question..." they were like "can I see you in your underwear," "not anytime soon" I told him, another question he asked was "when are you going to get rid of your purity ring?" I replied when I get married... he's a normal teenage guy, but I really couldn't see him taking advantage of me, he's the shy type so you wouldn't think he'd be like this... lol

we're not dating... it's complicated, we probably will though.

I've made it very clear that I have on intentions of sex before marriage, and he seems to respect that... when I bring it up.

how do I find out if he just wants me for sex? also how can I make sure I gain his respect?


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  • Lol just because a guy is ok with your purity ring, doesn't mean he won't try and push the line as far as he can to see how far he can get with you. His values and what he's looking for are obviously different then yours. To me, if those really are your values, then this guy is trouble.


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