Reasons for guy to look away but talk to you the next day?

AGuy I know for few years has been saying hello to me more. Next time I see him we are walking towards each other and I get ready to say hi or wave, etc. Normally you make eye contact first before saying hi, but when he saw it was me, he kept looking to the side avoiding eye contact. We passed each other. He said nothing but I still said hello. He replied. I did nothing to offend him. The next day he was upbeat and immediately acknowledged me first. Is he shy? Why would he act like this?


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  • Some guys that are shy can hide their feelings and feel they are not worthy of someone they like. Shy guys that feel strong attraction toward a woman see her as deserving of only the best things and they are not good enough or she deserves better than him. This can cause him to turn away not wanting to knock down the pedestal he sees you on. You continuing to recognize him builds his confidence thus lifting him closer to your level. He likely is more afraid of hurting your feelings if you are not interested than fearing rejection. I suggest, if you are interested, be up front with him. Tell him you are interested in getting to know him. Ask him his feelings about you and if he would like the same. This upfront honest asking about what you are thanking and having him to honestly do the same takes the guesswork out of what is he\she thinking. It puts you both in the know about each other. You both know the other feelings together. Hint, together is key to any friendship and friendships growing together leads to real relationships. Good Luck.

  • He's probably just shy and he might have been having a down day maybe. But I know know that is odd. Was this the only time he's done this? because if its an isolated thing then I wouldn't worry about it, just sounds like he had an off day is all.

    • No, it's happened before in the past (the eye contact avoid thingy)

    • I don't know that's very weird. He sounds very inconsistent. If he was just shy it would make more sense if he was shy all the time. You might want to talk to him about it next time it happens and see if he even realizes that he's doing it. And if he does realize it then ask him if its just because he's shy or what because it is all a little confusing.

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