Guys: look hot at the pool????

i really enjoy the attention of the opposite sex... lol how do I make the guys drool? I'm too modest for a bikini, I wear a tankini, but I'm not like fat, I could look great in a string bikini if I wore one... guys what draw you to a girl at the pool? what makes her seem so hot? what can she do, I've heard that listening to an ipod is intimidating...? how can I flirt with a lifeguard?


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  • Nice. "i could look great in a string bikini" Your very humble lol. Your relationship status says your dating. And unless your status isn't true, then the only boy you should be trying to get to drool should be your boyfriend. Be careful though, all that flirting will give you a bad reputation. And if you want to attract the right kind of guy, you shouldn't be going after the 'drooling pool boys' who are only measuring you by your sex-appeal. Attention and flirting may be fun, but it could cause a lot of problems for you too.