Asymmetrical facial features. Do they bother you?

Whether you or a family/friend has an asymmetrical feature, does it bother you?

My eyelids are practically uneven and it bothers me.. one of them is hooded all the way to the inner corner of my eye and it curves when the other other one idnt hooded all the way in the inner corner end of my eye and it looks normal..

Other asymmetrical facial features can also be eyebrows, your eye size (one big one small), your nose or mouth. Not necessarily if you have a beauty mark on a cheek and not one on the other, no no no. That is irrelevant to my question lol.

I have glasses so it isn't that noticeable but it still bothers me


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  • I have one eye lid more closed than the other one. I tried to make both same in a mirror. well didn't work.

    but its OK and It makes my face more interesting.

    when I look in a mirror and cover one side of my face. there's one side that looks like a nice open guy, the other like an (aggressive) confident guy who knows what he wants.

    yeah loving yourself is the first thing you need before you can love someone else. and I think girls feel attracted to my manly looks haha

  • Do you know much about the Egyptions?

    Their statues and art work is life depicted. Their statues are not symmetrical.

    Symmetry is a false standard of beauty. Nothing is better than getting lost looking at your partner. The more facets there are the more a person can explore. This is true attraction.

    The problem with modern society is we've been taught to ignore little hangups, not mention them and general just be 'polite'. While I do advocate politeness, sameness is not attractive, its boring.


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