What to wear with a bow tie? Are bow ties cool, or did the Doctor lie?(I know the Doctor lies no need to tell)

I'm considering buying bowtie, but I'm not sure what to wear it with if I get it. It would be have to be worn casually.

I really have no idea what I'm doing, so any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

If someone could recommend a certain color or pattern that would be great.

Girls, would you like it if a guy wore a bowtie? Would you think he's gay?(no offense to any guys who are, I just don't want it to ruin my chances with a girl).

I wouldn't wear it every day, just looking for something else to wear besides a regular tie, or no tie.


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  • The Doctor never lies my friend. Also, BIll Nye has long touted bow ties as well, and Bill Nye is never wrong either.

    • Thanks for the answer :)

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  • Bow ties can def be cute, but all depends what you wear it with. I think they look good with dress shirts, but a bow tie isn't something that should be worn all the time.

    • Thanks for the answer and I don't plan to wear one everyday.

    • Np :) and like 4-5 times a month is probably the max I would want a guy to wear it

    • Noted :)

  • The Doctor lies but does not lie about it on him. He's pretty fantastic and can pull off the bow tie. Some other men can as well but getting dressed up sometimes it's really nice. Do not wear it casually you'll look like a knob.

  • Why keep asking about bow ties?


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  • People will call you Bow Tie Daddy. I don't think you want that to happen.

    • Well, I'm already the macdaddy so I don't think I'd care.

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    • I hope you were wearing your alligator bow tie! I don't recommend getting slap-happy without one.

    • Of course!

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