I'm going to list bands or singers and I want to know if any one else has heard of them!

josh golden, my favorite highway, downtown fiction, the goodnight anthem, parachute, mayday parade?

oh and boys will be boys?
sing it out loud, the maine, forever the sickest kids, mercy mercedes?


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  • The Goodnight Anthem and Mayday Parade are the only bands I recognized out of that bunch.


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  • these are all indy bands, so no, never heard, of course now I know about them cause you mentioned them, but up until now, I didnt

    if you like these indy bands, you may like the silversun pickups, good songs: 1.lazy eye 2.panic switch

    • Yeah I know silversun pickups theyre good

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    • Until guitar hero and rock band I hadnt heard of the silversun pickups, theyre basically bands that aren't well known, or that have an "independant label" indy produced etc... a band that I like called trustcompany, an alabamian band, even though I live in ohio, used to be run by a major label, now they run their own label...i actually got to interview them on why they made the switch...it was because they weren't allowed to put out the stuff they wanted to write about, they could only do the stuf

    • The label wanted them to do, for example listen to their songs "downfall" and "retina" retina is the song that the label didn't want them releasing, can you tell the difference, in why they didn't want them releasing it...its because its totally different from "downfall" in a supposedly "bad" way. ok my rants over, haha, sorry

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  • I've heard of Downtown Fiction, Mayday Parade, and The Goodnight Anthem. They are pretty decent.

    Have you heard of Vanna, The Lives of Famous Men, and Sore Eyes?

    • Kool, nope I haven't but ill look them up!

    • I know The Maine and FTSK. The Maine is amazing in concert. John is hilarious. Not to mention really good looking.

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