"She's cute, man". guy talk explained?

I was at a club recently and this guy I used to have a major crush on in high school took interest. it may be because of my noticeably changed looks. I was wearing jeans and white fancy shirt that was off the shoulder and a blue belt and very high heels. I've gained some weight (in the "right" places, my friends have said), so I look different. Anyways, we go outside because his friend wants to smoke and as we're coming back inside I hear him say "she's cute, man", but I didn't hear his reply. is this good or bad? do guys take their friend's opinions seriously? and could it have been me or just what I was wearing? thanks!

sorry, I hear his friend say "she's cute"..but not my crush's reply.


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  • It really depends on if its a good griend or not. Some friends opinions get taken seriously and others don't. Mostly its just noticing how he acts around you


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  • Ha, guys sometimes do take their friends opinions seriously but from his actions it seems like he was thinking exactly what his friend said already. =)