Are black Mary Jane wedges too dressy for school?

I'm really try to change up my style and I've started wearing casual dresses and skirts. I want to buy these nice black Mary Jane wedges that are 2 3/4 inches high. They're all black with three thin black straps around the ankle. I'm a really short girl, I'm only 5'1, and I really like the idea of gaining some height with these shoes. I want to look classy though, not trashy. I know a majority of the girls who wear heels at my school look trashy, and I'd really rather not be added to that classification of girls.


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  • I think they would look just fine. As long as they fir well with your look (s).


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  • I dont think it will look trashy. depend on how you wear it.

  • can you link to a picture of them? From how you've described them they sound fine


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