Rare patchy beard. Is there something wrong?

I first shaved when i was about 17 and even then it was just a small moustache. Others were able to grow beards at 14. Up to a few months ago i didn't even have to shave daily as it was regenerating very slow.
Now the hairs are kind of rare and looks awkward. And i'm missing it completely under the bottom lip and in the corners of my chin.
Is this a sign for a medical issue like lack of hormones? My legs are hairy as hell, down there and armpits are ok.
i'm 6.2, and my voice is ok.


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  • Nah, just different hair patterns. Nothing to be worried about.


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  • Patchy beard is quite common.. There is nothing wrong with you, however, it sucks you can't grow a full beard :(


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