Guys: please provide some examples of what you mean with your "rating system."

Like post a link to a 3, 5,10 etc. (whatever numbers you want)

However many you want.

rating of women's attractiveness


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  • If we are talking physical attractiveness

    Well a 1 would mean ugly at all, and a 10 would mean super attractive like hot + Cute.

    5 would be average, like semi attractive. 6-8 would be cute, 9 would be hot. 2-4 would be almost ugly.

    Now personality wise

    1 would be completely boring, rude, mean, all things negative. 10 would be outgoing, smart, funny, cultivated, generally happy person, respectful, all things positive.

    Of course this is only my system.

  • Rating on what? Pizza? Beer? Women?


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