Ladies, what would you think of this look?

A guy that wore dark, jet black jeans with a completely solid white v-neck, no graphics or text, and some either, solid black or white, casual sneakers?

Something like this:

Maybe round the look off with some sunglasses, or you could even layer a sport coat with it. Maybe a necklace and of course, a nice watch!

What do you think? Any other ideas?
One thing about the image though, I feel like you could find better looking v-neck T shirts than that. It almost gives off the appearance of an undershirt in this particular image.


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  • I think when guys wear solid colored shirts like the example look more attractive. The style you described sounds really nice , simple things make guys look better.


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  • I really like it. So clean and simple.

    • That's my thinking. Oddly enough though, I have trouble finding things to wear with my black jeans! lol

  • totally hot on any guy :$


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