Sister says I dress like a "tramp"!

Okay so I am 21 years old and my sister is 30. I'm an attractive girl, and keep myself in shape..i love hair and makeup, and basic girly things. Well for the past few years my sister is always making remarks on how I dress and it leaves me baffled. On multiple occasions she's told my mom I need to "tone it down" and before parties or gatherings calls me up warning me not to dress in something "trampy". I am far from tramp, and in no way shape or form dress like one either. I am very stylish and love cloths just like any other girl. Most of the time I'm wearing t-shirts and a pair of jeans..I never wear mini skirts or short dresses, and I don't even have much of a cleavage to be showing off in tops..We have a family party tomorrow that she is hosting and she called me up tonight telling me not to wear any of the "slutty" pairs of shoes that I have..

As for her style, well she has no style, to be honest she's always dressing like she's going to a funeral, and is always wearing blouses or some dull looking outfit, and rarely does anything with her makeup..

Can someone please tell me how to handle this because I'm getting very insulted by her remarks and I really do not now how I should handle this in a mature way in order to get my point across to leave me alone...i would hate to think its jealousy issues, but I'm starting to think that.


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  • Well, it's sorta of jealousy thing.

    However, in her defense she probably has a very conservative view on dress. So since you dress to impress, she thinks that you are using your looks for attention. (Why else spend effort on dressing up?)

    A few things.

    1. Are you flirty? If you are, then that may be causing this also.

    2. She's 30. Is she married? Seeing someone? It's possible that she's resentful that she has to change her appearance to get attention from guys, and is thus projecting that onto you.

    3. What does you mom think about this? (Or father.)

    4. Is it just you and your sister? Or do you have more siblings that could help?


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  • She's not jealous, she just doesn't want you dressing in a 'thought provoking' manner. i.e. some strappy shoes can look fairly slutty.

    My advice, ask her specifically what about what you wear is slutty, how is it slutty, and what does she think you should wear. Don't let her get away with short answers either, be direct and descriptive and be sure she does the same.

    Once you've done that, well ponder over it, or ask here again, and see what works best for you. As she is your older sister I can't imagine her saying something like that without reason, especially being that blunt about it, she almost certainly has a reason.

    Go forth my child

    • Oh oh! and fyi fashionable clothing usually equals slutty/flirty/fun(all the same thing), in some way shape or form draws attention to you, usually the bad kind.

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  • Of course it's jealousy. I mean really, "slutty shoes?" How bad can shoes be? She doesn't like that you're prettier than she is and wishes you'd hide it.

  • duh she's jealous all the wayyyyyyy. I mean I could understand if you wore really really short skirts but if its jeans and tees come on for real! I say dress like you would around your grandma and then she can't say ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGG

  • Sounds like she's jealous. Usually girls who are ugly or feel less attractive call stylish and pretty girls sluts for no reason. Unless you actually dress like a tramp chalk it up to jealousy. Next time she says something about you ask if she would like you to give her some beauty tips.