What can I wear or pair with a cardigan?

So i never really owned cardigans before but I know they are very versatile. Lucky me I found a great deal on two so I bought them ones a basic black typical cardigan and another is a cobalt blue with ruffles in the front. What are ways I can wear them? especially the cobalt blue one. Iu love some ideas :) thanks!


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  • Wear a black and white striped shirt with the blue. Some kind of simple, yet bold pattern in classic black and white. Wear dark colored skinnies with it too. :) You can pair a black cardigan with almost anything. Wear it over a patterned dress or wear it with a bright color. Have a statement piece of clothing with your outfits. A bold pattern, a bright color, or an interesting shape of a garment. Hope that helps

    • Thank you :) Gosh I need new clothes xd I'm in the process I'm just a very simple girl but I like looking stylish and I like fashion but not overly complicated things. Thanks a lot I'll try that out. :)

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  • Anything really, dress, shirt with skirt, shirt with jeans, shirt with shorts.


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