What comforter goes with Navy blue sheets, light blue carpet, and biege walls?

I'm recently investing some money into my bedding and I just got some dark navy blue sheets, but I'm having a real hard time picturing a color of comforter that will go well with it, while taking into account my carpet and wall colors as well.

Need some help here! I'm looking for actual answers here, not 'anything will go well with navy' or things like that.



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  • It depends on how you're decorating the rest of the room, honestly.
    You could go dark or light.
    Black would make the bed very dark, so you'd need to have other dark things in the room to make sure it wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb. Remember though, dark bedding shows... stuff, haha!
    You could go with white. You'd need dark accents around the room so it wouldn't appear washed out. White shows how dirty it is though and is destroyed if smudged or spilled on.
    Bolder people would go for colorful, but colorful gets old fast, in my opinion. In the colorful, you could go with maroon, a lighter blue, or even a white/blue pattern, or black/blue pattern.


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  • Gray, white, black, yellow, orange or pink if you like pink.


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