Why are some guys accepted as they are but others have to change just to be accepted?

i know some girls who accept some guys as they look weather they are fat or are unattractive

but i have seen some guys who don't look out of shape and look about average and girls get angry at them because they don't look hot but at the same time there hanging around guys who are fat or unattractive

what i'm trying to say is why can some guys be fat and not attractive and girls would respect them

while others have to look like models just to be respected


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  • in my opinion, it has nothing to do with weight, and everything to do with SELF respect. If he's hardworking and takes care of himself, then it's OK if he's overweight. But men who look like Adonis living jobless in Mom's basement have no respect, and often expect things to be handed to them.

    But I'm exaggerating the extremes. If you actually take care of your body, practice good hygiene, and have some pride in your appearance without being egotistical about it, you're going to get more attention than if you're simply "in shape".


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  • I don't think it should matter to you unless you want to mess with someone's marriage.
    Remember these women are married, whatever problems they have is because they decided to take them on. They chose to marry the men they married, not you. So if they look at you, you should just keep it moving and be the best you that you can be regardless of anyone's opinion but also remember not to rub it in. Maybe your attitude is rubbing them the wrong way, I'm not sure but mentally check yourself when it happens to yourself to see if that's whats happening or keep it moving.

  • Well, you have to remember that not every girl wants to the same things in a man. Some women would never date a fat guy. Some women don't care, and they genuinely just go for who they like, who has the best personality and really gets them.

    It's only a certain type of woman who'd get angry at a man for not looking a certain way. And why THESE are the women most men go for, I'll never know. But there it is.

    Better women = better chances
    I wish more men would realize this and stop going for the bitchy "10s". These women make women look WAY more evil than they really are, and that's why so many men hate women now.


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  • Why do you concern yourself with the opinion of married women?

  • Being approached by what is, in their opinion, an average or below average guy is perceived as an insult to some women, particularly women who value good looks, high status and material possessions in a mate. Although these women, in particular, may socialize with or associate with such guys on a friendly level, their dating criteria often vastly differs from that of their average looking, platonic male friends.

    The exception, perhaps, may be guys who lack physical appeal, but have a high social status or others traits that are deemed valuable by such women.

    In any event, guys, more times than not, seem to prefer to befriend girls that model their preference. Women, on the other hand, more times than not, seem to prefer to do the opposite.

  • Fuck being accepted by society. All you need is money. Focus on a career and get as much money as you can. Develop a money over everything attitude.


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