Where is a good place for me to buy a 100% human hair wig?

So, I've had some health problems that have caused me to lose all of my hair and I would like to start wearing a wig. I just don't know where a good place for me to order one online is because there is only one wig shop anywhere near me and it is not easy to get to and will take the whole day. So does anyone know of any online resources that I can order a wig from that will look as real as possible and isn't priced too high? I know that wigs are expensive but some of them are way out of my price range.


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  • Why 100% human hair? Many wigs around that are not human hair that look great. Narrowing the field to just human hair restricts your choices.

    What are your health problems? There are organizations that have wigs, even 100% human hair, for cancer & chemo patients at affordable prices and in some cases free.

    Google "wigs for cancer" (without the quotes).

  • How about this?


    I know nothing about this subject, LOL!!! That site seemed good enough.


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