Which of these hair colors looks not as drastic?

Of course, I would never pick my hair color based off of what
other people think. However, I could use some opinions. So, there's
two hair colors that I'm considering and there a little out there.
But, I like different because I like standing out. Not because I want
the attention, but because I don't want to look like all the other women.

My probelm is, I've never had a job before and I'm still looking for one.
I'm hopeing this will be the year I hit the job jack pot lol, however I know
how picky employers can be and I already don't have job experience. I don't
want to make it worse by haveing wacky hair color, that makes them not take
me seriously. So, with that in mind. Which one of these hair colors looks better
and more professional (or least not too out there), option A or option B?

Option A) www.bestbeautysupply.com/.../SAT2036.jpg
Option B) www.farleyco.ca/.../...-Obsession-857169020352.jpg

Thanks for any and all help : )


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  • Crimson obsession is darker and more muted. So it's not as eye-catchign and bold as the other one.

    Depends on your eyebrow color though. If you have dark eyebrows, anything with pink undertones would look horrible on you, especially if your job is more on the serious side.


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  • Option B should blend in better with the rest of your look while option A will totally pop out at people.


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