Why do fading creams from the ethenic beauty section smell so awful?

So I tried out a fading cream to reduce some dark spots on my face and they work but damn why do they smell so bad. And I know they work because some spots I have are like way better after 3 weeks and the isle for fade cream is always like almost empty. So black ladies do you use fade creams and like how well do they work over like a long period of time? Also how do you like mask that smell?


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  • I've never used one, but I think they smell awful b/c of the chemicals they have to use in the product. anything that can take the pigmentation off ur skin must be strong and powerful and probably won't smell like roses.

    maybe u can mask it by applying the fade cream first, waiting several minutes for it to sink in and then applying a normal moisturizer over it


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  • All of them contain whale feces.


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  • It is prob the same reason that all self tanners smell bad. The chemicals to change the color.

  • Its because of what theyre made out of...


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