What should I wear to the casino?

I'm turning 21 and my friends want to take me to the casino. Does anyone know what is appropriate for a girl to wear there?


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  • I used to work in a casino as a cage cashier. I see girls come in with short dresses and banging high heels!

    What do you plan on doing there? Slots?

    Tight pair of jeans to show off that ass, a cute top with nice heel boots will do.

    There's no dress code.

    • Thank you! I wasn't sure if I had to wear a dress or skirt.
      I was just planning on doing the slots and some of my guy friends are going to play craps and want to teach me.

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    • I love that dress!!

    • Yeah, don't be the stupid girl who wear dresses out in the cold.

      I'd stick with the tight jeans and a cute top. You can never go wrong with that!

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  • Really anything goes in a casino anymore. You'll see old people in velour tracksuits, and people dressed up. I would dress comfortably, but nice.. you may be standing a while.

    Something you'd wear to a nice dinner would be fine.


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  • I would wear something pretty since it's a special occasion but there is no dress code. Some people go dressed well and some don't. I remember when I was in Las Vegas - the people who came out of the limos dressed in the most mundane clothing - pretty out of fear they would get robbed if they looked to flashy and rich. Remember, many are going to earn money and not to look good so you have a lot of poorly dressed people there.

    • I'm just super afraid of being under dressed haha

  • I dress up a little. but, nothing overly catchy.

  • Something tight but comfortable.

  • when in doubt little black dress


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