What do you think about girls with very wide and prominent cheekbones?

I have huge cheekbones that jut out on my face and they're very high as well. My face shape including my cheekbones is a lot like Meryl Streep. I get called out on them a lot and my friends are constantly touching my face and commenting about my cheekbones and it's making me get very self conscious about it. What do you think of girls who have cheekbones like mine? Is it a bad thing or a good thing?


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  • Hmm, Meryl Streep's cheek bones seem normal to me.

    • They're bigger and higher than normal.

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    • Each guy has his taste in own taste in women, just like Gretchen Wilson's husband. Well anyways, I think you're thinking to much about this. I remember back in school when guys made fun of my big nose. It's funny when I think about it considering how they nor I ever payed attention to my extremely crooked teeth.

      -Personally us guys care more for the size of your waist than the size of your cheek bones, LOL!

    • Each guy has his own taste in women...

      OMG how many typos can I make.

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  • i think it's a desireable feature

  • VERY short answer.
    they jealous, very jealous


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