What is your view on peacocking? guys that dress nice (around 22 years of age)?

does it seem like he s too into himself? i m curious b/c a friend said he noticed me b/c i stand out like a sore thumb. i tend to care more and dress "better" (i think) than others. i m usually in sweaters over button downs with khakis during the winter. it doesn't take that much time but now im wondering do girls frown upon this? since most guys my age dont do this?
also what do u guys think of nantucket red shorts/pants or wearing nike running shoes with khakis and button downs / polos


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  • im actually not interested in guys who don't dress nice

    you should take pride in your appearance and try to look your best. especially since I try to do that, I expect the same thing in the guy. I do not want some bummy guy who looks like he could give a fuck how he looks, but expects me to be a cover girl lol

    everyone has their own swag. the preppy swag like Nantucket red shorts and button downs can work and look good. I would probably not pair nikes and khakis, that might be a little odd, I haven't seen that. nikes are better with more casual wear like denim, sweats or athletic wear

    when ur friend said u stand out like a sore thumb, don't get self conscious by that. you probably stand out in a good way

    • i know girls think i m hot and stare at me a lot except i dont always like it b/c i have like weak sensitive eyes and i blink a lot and my eyes hurt when its bright and people are watching me haha um whats wrong wike nike running shoe and khaki? i thought it combined preppy with jock to combine the two things girls like?

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    • oh haha kk

    • yeah, you probably shouldn't rock your Nikes with khakis. Check out a pair of chukkas or desert boots to go with your khakis. Nantucket reds can be so sexy or they can look super fratty, which can be sexy too in its own way. :) Just don't pop the collar of your alligator shirt with it. Keep dressing the way you like. Peacocking is the term that guys use when they wish they could pull something off that another guy is wearing. It's jealousy.

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  • It Think that as long as they don't look like the douchebags from jersey shore its cool. I like well dressed guys , especially guys in suits.


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  • From what I've read, peacocking is more like wearing the wildest, brightest shirt you can find, or an obnoxious hat that really makes you stand out. Dressing nicer than everybody else would not sound like peacocking to me, I think it is fine to dress that way, and yes you would probably be one of the only ones and I think it's a good idea.

  • I don't like it to be honest. I've never been one to go all out with my attire. Like dropping $100 dollars for a shirt or buying clothing that makes me look like I walked out of the Hamptons. I think it looks preppy and that's not me. I'm much more conservative with my clothing. Give me a pair of dark waist-hugging jeans, a pair of black cross-trainers, and a white t-shirt and I'm set. That's not to say that I don't care about my looks. But I don't believe I need to look like an A&F or Banana Republic model to look good.

    • but dont u think dressing rich makes girls more attracted to you

    • It might. It certainly makes you look like you're about something. But like I said, that stuff isn't for me. Never has been, never will be.

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