What clothes can I wear that is attractive to women?

I mostly wear t-shirts/jeans/basketball shorts/khaki shorts. Occasionally ill wear polo shirts but they aren't that comfortable. What's some clothes that is universally attractive to women for a guy to wear?


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  • I don't think there is a such thing as UNIVERSALLY ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN lol

    we are all different, have our own little subsets and find different things attractive in men.

    personally I would say u probably can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren polo shirts and some well fitting jeans. like levi 501s or the loose straight fit and some decent shoes. go with jordans

    but then u have to consider the type of girl u wanna attract, look like her male counterpart. different types of women like different types of guys generally. I would go for the ralph lauren/Jordan wearing type dude but another girl might overlook that and prefer a guy who wears skinny jeans and band shirts with gauges.

    • Maybe not UNIVERSALLY but a style that attractes a larger percentage.

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  • Well tailored and fitted clothing. Tee shirt and jeans are fine as long as it fits properly. Sneakers are great to providing they are clean and neat.


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  • I'm sure someone will disagree with me, but I'm going to suggest that -in comparison with me- women are a little less concerned with what looks good, and more with what meets their definition of 'cool'.

    Looking good still matters (quite a bit), and men do this a little as well. At least some guys do. But women are more likely to find a guy attractive because he meets their definition of cool. The only time I really see guys do this is when a girl has some geek/nerdy thing going on, like she's got a decent body and wearing a skintight video gamer t-shirt with nerd glasses. Some guys go nuts.

    Since different women have different ideas of what's cool, its very hard to be universal.

    I will throw out that if you're not in great shape, polo shirts probably look better aesthetically then t-shirts since they provide more structure. T-shirts are less forgiving.

    Wear clothes that fit well.

    • Yeah what I meant by universally is something that a large percentage of girls like not necessarily all. But thanks for the advice that makes a lot of sense.

    • To some extent, the more you aim for 'universal' the less you will appeal in particular to anyone... that's not entirely true, but note that you're better off with 1/4 of women thinking you look amazing then 3/4 thinking you look pretty good.

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