Am I too small if I have to wear children sizes?

I just moved to America with my husband, a few months ago and I don't fit into any of the adult sizes.
I brought a lot of things from home, because the army paid for shipping, but I lost some weight while moving and a lot of them are too big now. So I got my first paycheck last week and wanted to treat myself to some new clothes but I couldn't buy anything I liked because they were all too big

I wear a korean size 44 which should be XS in the US, but that doesn't fit. My mom says I should just buy the smallest size they have and edit them myself, but I'm not as good with the sewing machine as she likes to think. She also says I should eat more.

Am I just too small? Is bigger more attractive here?


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  • Bigger is more common here.

    But trust me, as a fellow XS and below sized person, I can share your frustration. I actually have a personal seamstress (family friend) who I take all my clothes to and she alters them for me lol.

    I'd do what your mom said, but they have people out there who will alter them for you.

    • if you can't do it yourself, it's just really expensive to get done

    • Hmmm... I suppose. My family friend who does it gives me a major discount. I can get 5 pairs of jeans done for $20. Other places I've seen are like $20 a pair.

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  • North Americans are just fat.

    If there are children's sized things that fit you well, sure, grab them. But I agree with your mother, if possible. Because you're going to be adjusting clothing for the rest of your life, its worth investing some time in now.

    • well maybe Americans will get thinner too? You're more weight obsessed than we are and I used to think we were pretty bad.

      I just don't really have the time or patience for it. I just got all my qualification transferred, I hope to work as doctor again soon, I don't like being at home all the time.

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    • Yes, I am, I just couldn't work for a while.
      It wasn't a question about health, if that was confusing but about beauty ideals

    • Yup, understood. And definitely seek out and find someone to do alterations. I have to get, for example, all my shirts altered if they aren't made to measure.

  • Just different cultures, I once dated a young woman who wore children's t-shirts because they fit better than the adult sized ones. Don't worry about it, maybe shop online to find the right sizes


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  • Check out the Petite sections in stores (pretty much every department store has one). You might be able to find clothes that fit there that are more adult styled than you'll find in the kids section.


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