Is modifying the body the way you want it considered being perfect than everyone else?

My friend and I were walking home from the gym and I told her when I have enough money I'm getting fake 34D boobs because they're perfect to me and they will look good since my big hips and butt is hereditary in my Belgian family. She tells me it won't look good on me so on and so forth. I won't live forever so why not sculpt the body out to make it to what you want. I'm always having problems with her because she thinks I want to be perfect than everyone else just because of my ideas on how I want to shape my body.


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  • Everyone strives for perfection in some way. It takes a VERY mature person to be satisfied with their imperfections. Striving for perfection isn't wrong I don't think, not unless it gets in the way of your health or your relationships, OR it leads you to think you are somehow better than others. At that point it's not okay.


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  • Throughout the world and history, people have changed their appearance and modified their body based on an idea of beauty.
    I think that changing yourself is perfectly acceptable if you think it would make you look better as opposed to it making you look like someone else. I think that as long as you don't look at someone and say "I'm better than you because I'm more physically attractive", then no, you aren't more perfect or better than everyone else. You're simply a better you because of it.

  • It's your body... do what you want. Just know, you will have the same shape of breasts just bigger, and silicone is worth the extra money. Some women think they can pick out the breasts they want from a magazine, but it just doesn't work that way. If you want them, get them!


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