Curvy. But skin discoloration on my inner thigh. Turn off?

So im a curvy lady. 5 ft and I love to wear shorts. im not fat but I do have big toned thighs and a big ass for an asain. When I wear shorts, they tend to rub and when I was little they use to cause a rash. now they. just rub and burn sometimes. Now im left with an awkward dark circle in the middle of inner thigh. Its a bit darker than my. skin. color, and it also has some stretch marks. I love or sex both giving and reciving but I was wondeing if my weird skin discoloration would bother my partner. Im nervou to ask him


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  • Just try a fade cream for skin discoloration , they are at the ethnic isle

    • Is that permanent?

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    • I actually have one. I use Aveeno skin toner for my acne and it works amazing in a wk. And im gunna use it on my leg and see if it helps. Thank you

    • Cool I own one called nadinola and after I month my acne scars are better

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  • Guys don't care about that crap. Your skin discoloration should be the last thing he's focused on.


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