What do you think of upcycled t-shirts?

Girls, would you actually wear them out of the house?
Guys, are they cute or no-gos?

Also, if you think any of them are cute, which one (s)? I know that some of them looks just... blegh..

  • I'm a girl and I would wear some of them
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  • I'm a girl and I would never wear any of them
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  • I'm a guy and I find at least some of them cute
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  • I'm a guy and I find them all ugly
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  • Other / see results
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Some of them can be cute... maybe even sexy if work by the right girl.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Some of these are cute and sexy, I like them alright :)

    I am a sucker for something different all the while :D & yes quite a few of them are very appealing

  • They look kinda cool, and I would be impressed with a woman's ability to turn a dumpy t-shirt into a cute top.


What Girls Said 2

  • I turn old shirts into dresses, and write and paint all over them, etc. all the time. I love remaking shirts. Once they're all cut up, shirts are just yards of fabric. The past week, I turned a Breakfast Club shirt into a vintagey dress by adding a skirt a collar and taking some fabric off. I also made my roommate a workout shirt (like this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/20829217000149166/) with a bow and a quote on it but also made the pink fade.
    Thing is, I would never make them into a bag or scarf or anything like that BUT just redoing a shirt is a lot of fun. I'm also not one to follow a lot of trends, so the shirts that tie at the bottom or have a lot of cut-outs aren't my thing BUT if you do them right, they look fantastic and not homemade.

  • I find some of them really awesome, tried making one a long time ago and wear it sometimes :) But now I want to try making some again :)


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