Bulging pelvic bone? Thoughts feelings?

I have a bulging pelvic bone, I am insecure about it. I was born with it. I am what you call a thick girl. I have muscular thighs and I am short with wide hips. I am not fat I have a flat stomach. I have sharp pains because of this bone. I am clean of STDS and all of that. I have been checked for it. I have always had these pains. It almost feels like the bone is broken, but I doubt it is. I have no idea what to do with it. Is there a cause or a reason why I have this? way to correct it? Is it unattractive? Please be honest. It really bothers me it always has.


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  • Have you seen your doctor about it? To see why it hurts and if it can be resolved? Have you tried going to a chiropractor?

    • No, I have not. My mom says its normal but I really don't think it is.

    • If you have pains, that's probably not normal. If you can, set up an appointment with your doc or, preferably, a chiropractor. The latter would know whether it's normal or not.

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