Which girl would you go for if you were choosing by body type?

Say both had great personalities and all of that..which one would you choose? Why?

Girl A is on the left and Girl B is on the right.


Just wondering if there's a majority of guys who would pick a certain body over the other on this website :)

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No one is giving an explanation...
**NOTE*** if you didn't read above:



Also: Girl A does not eat healthy ever and Girl B always tries to eat healthy. This is why I love to see how people answer and perceive pictures! Thanks for the votes so far.


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  • Girl A.

    Her body is slimmer, more toned, and perkier.

    • Perkier? how can a BODY(as a whole) be perky...perky means alert, lively and self confident but how can you tell if one is more self confident than the other by just looking at a picture such as this?

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    • Girl B may not have a slow metabolism, people have different body types. Haven't you taken any science classes like anatomy or know any basic stuff?? BUT, sometimes people who have slower metabolisms when younger can develop a faster one as they get older (not many but some)everyone is different though, you can't make such sharp judgements based on pics. I find answers like yours interesting though because when people think they know a lot about the human body they usually really don't, research!

    • I'm in Semester 3 of college-level sciences. It is strongly recommended that I have a strong understanding of the human body because my major requires that I recreate human bodies in the form of photo-realistic and anatomically accurate Computer-Generated iterations.

      We could argue the specifics of human anatomy all night, but such tangents carry little relevance to the question.

      I like the way the girl on the left looks. She has a hot body. Good day.

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  • Girl B. Girl A looks ok but she should work out and watch what she eats.

    • Is it me or are you mixed up on which girl is who?

    • Yes, sorry, I made a mistake. Although girl B has room for improvement, she shouldn't be too bothered about it. If she has a great personality and a good attitude she might actually be the more attractive.

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  • The picture should maybe have girls of a similar hight, the boys that have responded haven't taken that into account. Hight can effect the overall size and such of a person so of course person B is generally going to be bigger than person A to still be healthy...

    • Yeah it is 2 different body types for sure, A is more of a petite body with the over all body shape and height and B is bigger boned and even a broader type of body, I completely agree with you. Say it's like comparing Kourtney and Kloe Kardashian ya know!

    • I agree with you.