Feeling un-beautiful, what do I do?

I guess I'm feeling really...uh not pretty lol. I know it's stupid and please don't freak out at me or say something mean...if you're gonna do that, don't answer.

I'm just wondering...what do you do when you feel un-beautiful? or like unhappy with your "image"?

I'm feeling too skinny, I don't like my hair (it's growing out right now) and a just feel not pretty...

My friends have told me I should go into modeling and a lot of people tell me I'm super pretty, but I guess I just don't believe them? I dunno...

What are your tips/tricks when you're feeling like this? I'm pretty sure most girls have these issues once in a while... :S


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  • I know how you feel. I'm way too skinny and have terrible acne due to a recent medical condition which I have. I haven't really found anything yet that makes me happy with my image, but working towards improvement always makes me feel better. Right now I'm being treated for the condition I have, and so I know that every day that passes makes me one day closer to feeling pretty again like I used to.

    • Keep holding on. :)

    • Aww thanks :)

      I hope you can find some way to make yourself feel better, because feeling like you do is no fun.

  • i know how you feel =/ and I had my ex turn on me and critisize every little thing that were my secret insecurities, too. so iv'e been on the low for a while now, and I have relatively bad acne too, and the other day I got 'err'ed at in the street so yeah, I'm at rock bottom too atm :S

    err when I feel really bad I dress up and put on nice makeup etc, and then I'm good for a bit (Y)

    hope I helped

    • Thanks...keep going...don't worry too much about what others say. I'll def try that tip. :)

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