How to properly insert and wear clip on extensions?

My natural hair is up to the bottom of my boobs and about halfway down my back or a little more. It's not that thick but I have a lot of hair.

I got clip in extensions. It is a pack of 8. Some pieces are a little thicker than others. They are a few inches longer than my hair and add fullness.

How do I clip them in in a way that all the ends are even and you can't see the clips through my hair?

Where do I clip them?

If I don't use enough pieces they look too thin at the ends compared to my natural hair. If I use all 8 pieces, the fake ends are thick enough to blend with my real hair. But when I use all 8 you can see a few small bumps or see the comb poking through my hair, unless I clip the front back over the extensions.


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  • Lots of videos on YouTube for that


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