How do you get your hair to look more voluminous?

I have long, sort of wavy hair (between straight and wavy) blondish hair that goes past my shoulders. I always wanted to have awesome voluminous hair that I can throw back and look a bit wild and messy. How do I get my hair to look like that?


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  • I have really straight, sleek Asian hair and the only thing that helped my hair look more voluminous is perming it, or putting taylor swift-like waves in it. I get tons of compliments too when I do them.

    Otherwise you could try those volumizing sprays, just spray them on the roots and then toussle it up a little bit. And don't use a moisturizing shampoo. Conditioner also makes your hair look more sleek, so only use it on the ends.

    • oh and if you blow-dry your hair, do it with your head down, so that you blow-dry the roots UPwards.

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  • Go to a hair salon, they know what to do.


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