What do you think about guys wearing white pants?

I am not talking about white khakis, I mean white pants, sorta like white dress pants. I have a pair of white pants and I think they look really good with like a button-up shirt. Although, I do not see too many other men who own a pair, at the same time, a lot of guys simply do not care how they look.

So are you for or against them?



Most Helpful Girl

  • Terrible looking... Too preppy and sorta gay. But that's just my opinion. Plus, you wouldn't be able to sit anywhere without the fear of staining them.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say go for it! Truthfully, I don't know why you are asking this [not saying this in a bad way], because I'm sure not many people would really care. So, go ahead, and if anyone judges you, well, to be frank, forget them!

    • I've just had a couple friends say stuff like "who wears white pants?" and I wasn't sure if weird or what, I care how I look and was just wondering and thanks!

    • No problem!

What Guys Said 1

  • I wear white jeans sometimes in the summer. They are more casual than pants, but still kinda unique, because as you said, not many guys wear them. They look fresh and are a nice contrast to the navy and grey winter wardrobe.
    I don't wear them as often as dark denim or khakis/chinos, but I really like them.


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