What should I wear to this thingy?

So My aunt is doing a week for eligible bachelors in our town. And she is out of guys so she invited us, Just for filling it tho since we are only 20 and dont wanna get married yet ha and have no intentions of hooking up chicks twice our age altho there are some of smoking chicks there too but they are mostly volunteers or waitresses ha. I went to it day before yesterday too and I saw guys dressing up more casually than I thought and there was I wearing a black formal shirt-_- I don't know what should I wear to these thingys. Should I wear em tight t shirt that show off some of this:-p Or like little jeans and button up shirt or something? What would suit me more?:o
Should I wear like a tie? Lol


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  • No jeans, yes tie


What Guys Said 1

  • Think James Bond... not "like the others" ... and what the mirror says makes you look best.


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