Do guys prefer Long, Shoulder length, or Shor hair on girls?

Like do guys like the Giselle Victoria's Secret hair, The Anne Hathaway type or The Halley Berry Type of hair on girls?

this question is as shallow as it is. I am not looking for a philosophical answer just a I like this answer. This question has nothing to do with self security it is just a question.


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  • Really it depends on the girls visage. I've seen girls who look great with long hair but would be much less appealing if it was short. And vice versa.

    To straight answer your question I'd say I like shoulder length to long hair on girls in general.

  • ... sorry to be a jerk... but - every guy has an opinion - wear your hair however you personally like it. If you are happy with it - let that be the end of it.

    As far as feeling sexier, etc. - if styling your hair will help you out - go do it - $50 at a salon lol.

    • I apologize for taking it that way - my new answer: I personally love long hair - midway down their back.

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