Tips on getting that flawless tan?

It's only spring where I live but i'm ready for a tan, don't suggest a tanning bed or artificial tanning, I have some tanning lotion and i'm ready for my summer tan. Don't comment all the risks because 1.) I already know and 2.) I don't care. Y. O. L. O.


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  • Oh for the love of god do not use yolo. Worst saying of our generation.. that and swag. But if you insist on getting skin cancer you might as well do it right. I would not use tanning lotion as I find that causes nasty burns. I would just be patient and take your time with the tan. Don't make the mistake of sunglasses that will leave a lovely tan line. Lay out in the sun. When you start itching a lot it tends to mean that you are burning. You should flip then if you haven't already. All the best. Oh and just so you are aware not only does tanning cause cancer but if you do it a lot it causes permanent freckles (and I mean like as many freckles as a really ginger ginger. Not saying that it is a bad thing but I am sure not everyone likes having that many freckles) and skin discolouration. Just thought you might like to know. Have a lovely summer. White is the new tan.


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  • Sometimes due to differences in parts of your body having different amounts of skin pigment, some parts will tan faster than others. For this I just have a small hand towel that I cover the darker parts up with to even things out a bit. Turn over regularly and if you are going to tan in a bikini, think about what tan lines you will have and if these will be visible in outfits.


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