Is this a good suit to buy?

I just saw this sale on Amazon for this suit

what do you think? My waist is 30 inch, broad shoulders and chest if that matters
I know its just the coat, I was wondering if anyone has bought or tried on this coat. Need to make sure its good quality, fit and looks good :)


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  • Its not a suit. It's a... I don't know. It claims to be a blue sportsjacket. That's very odd. Its almost a blue blazer, but the buttons should be different. It has buttons like a suit but a suit has matching trousers. If it fit you well, I'd get it and swap the buttons.

    You don't have the vaguest idea if it fits you well. "I have broad shoulders' is not how you but a suit or sportscoat. You need to know your size and ideally you know your shoulder and pit-to-pit measures on a jacket that fits you well. If you don't know your jacket size, don't consider ordering online. Waist is not the basis of ordering a suit or sportscoat.

    • I have a bad habit of mixing blazer and suit into the same category.

      I will get my upper body sized up to tonight, but does this look like a good buy?

    • Its very cheap, and the quality is cheap. So whether its a good price point, ... its hard to know without seeing it in person.

      I haven't handled it in person, but I've heard Anderson Little's Blazer's being mentioned as good value, they are around 180.

      H&M does cheap slim fit stuff.

      Any blazer will look pretty bad if its not a good fit. And if it doesn't fit well in the chest and shoulders, that's expensive to fix (like hundreds of dollars). You gotta get good fit in the shoulders. Slimming the waist is easy. How much you can slim is often limited by the armholes: big low armholes mean you can slim the waist, but not very high up.

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  • I don't know about if it will fit you or not since my phone is less than half of my hand. But ye its good site to buy stuff from, we have tried it. But then again, Usually free size gym wears:-p lol

  • I wear only Tom Ford. Great style, great fitting, and very comfortable.


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