What do you guys think of girls who wear casual sundresses?

I LOVE finding cute little sundresses to wear.

I would wear them to school, or just out during the weekend.

they are super casual, nothing too fancy.

I mean, I wear jeans / shorts and a tee shirt too, sometimes.

but when I feel like it sometimes I like wearing a cute dress.

they make me smile, and a more confident person! : )

What do you think about that?


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  • i'm pretty sure they would think you're cute in them.

    i get lots of compliments when I decide to wear a dress at work or something like that

    it's so elegant and I move easier and it's nice in the summer

    i think they're pretty


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  • I really hate those ones that look like insects. They are too big, cover the whole face, and just look plain silly.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think what you want to wear is perfectly fine and absolutely adorable! The main thing that guys notice though is how you "wear" your personality. Because that of course makes all the difference. And if you feel the most confident/comfortable with yourself in those clothes, then by all means, continue to wear them! Dress the way you like and what suits you!