Any women out there who can help me out with approaching? Unique Question.

I'm a very handsome guy and I dress really well.
Woman are afraid to look at me and get weak in the knees and men get intimidated by me.
This happens almost everyday.

Gorgeous women are the ONLY ones interested in me, that's why I mention it. Less physically attractive people don't even look at me, which is most women.

Contrary to what many people think Im not a shallow person, it just so happens that people go for others who are of similar qualities.

My problem is I have lost my voice.
I can't' speak. A.t.m. I've gone through some very emotional events lately.
I've decided to go to some speech classes. My confidence is low right now.

I've pulled away from many of my friends.

Everyday I travel on the subway train system and there will sometimes be woman who are very shy of me and who are attracted to me. They blush deep red. =)

I can't talk and my confidence is in the ditches right now...

Should I write a small note with my phone number and my name?

What should I do?


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  • That's tough to hear about your voice especially since its crucial for what you want to do. But once you do this, what if she calls? Are you going to be texting for the time being? How about dates? How will you converse?

    • I can talk. But when there are a few people around I have an anxiety attack. Something like that. Not as severe.

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  • Given your issues with speech, you might want to give her your Facebook account instead. But DO IT! You have your appearances to your advantage, and if you didn't - you'd still have NOTHING TO LOSE!

  • It'd be cute to give her a note with your name and number and maybe a little note letting her know that you can't currently speak. Maybe include a cute little personal note/poem/lyrics just for brownie points.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah the note sounds like a great idea.

    good luck. I hope you gain your confidence back.


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