Views on tattoos:Specific yes/no regions, gender bias, etc ...Additional question: Tattoo horror stories?

For the past year I have been contemplating on whether or not to get a tattoo.I have really fallen in love with a gothic rose design, actually, and that was quite some time ago.Now, I am curious as to others views on tattoos.


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  • No, really a fan of them. I would never want to get one myself. Some can look really cool though.


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  • They are decorating your body in whatever way you feel.

    Just get something you know you will love.

    I have a tattoo on me, if that helps any. I have one on my right shoulder of a dragon, and it's rather large.

    • Personally, my fear is that the ink won't turn out as distinct and vibrant as I expect it to.I've come across some very dull ink.I read up that though they fade a bit, usually they're most dull right when you've been inked and they're scanned over so they can heal.Besides that I'd definitely be sure to splurge a little on money so I know that I'm getting quality work done.

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    • Duuuude, I'd make words longer and they would come up as some RANDOM word. I'm like. HOW? HOW DID YOU GET THIS AUTO CORRECT? REALLY? It sounds like you should get the tattoo to me. I love a gothic sense of style as well. I own way too many black clothes, I like a lot of goth metal, etc. I believe the sun is life, but hey I'm weird so.

    • Haha Same.Or ill type a ton of random letters and they start making ad lib sentences. And I'm the same.Tons of band t's , and a dark sense of style, but all the same I enjoy the light.It makes me happy no matter my interests.

  • I like them, will get them when i decide what i want and i like them on girls as long as there arnt too many

  • Disgusting!!

  • im not into tattoos, piercings, and i dont want a girl who has them, that goes for smoking, drinking, and i dont want a girl whos already had sex (just for extra info if you were wondering)


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