Ladies, do you own a vanity table?

To those who do: What do you love most about it?

To those who don't: Would you like to get one?

I've never had a vanity table because we have two bathrooms at home and I don't mind standing. But now that I'm sharing a tiny bathroom with my s/o, I'm thinking about getting a vanity table. Still have to find a space though.


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  • I don't. Well, I did when I was little and first getting into makeup, but now I just use the bathroom (or do it in my car at stoplights lol). Every once in awhile I think about getting one (I don't have space for it now, but maybe in the future). I don't know if I'd actually use it though.


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  • i don't have one..but even if i'd wanted too my room does not has too much my vanity bag and my mirror is ok for me

  • I don't have one and could care less to have one or not.. although it would be convenient.. it's essentially just a place to sit with a mirror so i can just as easily sit at a table and put a little stand up mirror on the table and there ya go! Viola! hehe ;)


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