Need some help coming up with a new hairstyle!?

So if you look at my profile pic (i dont know how to post links to photos from my phone) you can see what my hair looks like at the current moment. I am so over it! Im really trying to grow it out, but it keeps breaking and is getting quite knotty. Anyone have suggestions as to a new hairstyle that might look good, or ways to help my hair, so it can stop breaking?


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  • Do not use heat..and what you can do is use Shea moisture, shampoo, conditioner, hair creams they all work, i have the same issue that you have, hair breakage.I know about my hair, and i known every person has different types of hairs, no there will not be a hairstyle to stop breakage, because your hair is dry, there are hairstyles thats protective to prevent drought on the hair.So go to any of your local stores in the haor aisle, and purchase Shea Moisture products, it will grow, maybe not in an instant, but you will see progress, many people will give you crappy methods on how to grow your hair, when your hair type and there hair type is different, just like hair commercials, we see a women using some shampoo, and she swaves her hair and its perfect, but once we try it, we end up going through the process of dry hair. .dry hair and breakage starts from the roots, before you apply shea moisture products in your hair, take Vaseline grease, and apply it to your roots, every corner and every section.then at night, tie up your hair, as in braiding it, and rap it. The next day, take it out and do whatever hairstyle you want, but make sure to #Stay away from heat! It will make your hair think and start breakage. .for hair growth you always need moisture, if you do not have moisture in yourhair, you will not see a process of growth. Do not comb your hair to much, and stay out of your hair, try to find a protective hairstyle that doesn't have to deal with combing or brushing everyday 24/7 and shampoos will all these chemicals DO NOT BUY THEM if you can't read it or understand what they are, do not purchase.Hair takes time and patience to actually figure whats the issue.So once awhile when you feel your hair is dry, use the shea moisture cantu moisturizer, its in a yellow or pink container, apply that on your hair (not the roots) on the hair, and massage the cream on the hair which you will see natural curls sticking out in 2seconds if you need anymore tips mail me.

    • And it will keep your hair moisturize, if u want to try a new hairstyle, try a blowout, it straightens your hair instead of using a flat iron, you buy heat protection for hair and apply it all over your hair, not to soak it up, but damp enough to prevent heat from going into your roots and scalp and making then dry and icthy, then you take a piece if your hair not to big, and take a comb, but make sure the blow dryer as teeth, which is a separate part that comes with the blow dryer or you buy, you continue pass it through the piece of your hair that you are working on, until it becomes straight, do not pass the whole blowdryer all over your hair (breakage) one piece at a time. .and thats if you would want a straight hair, hairstyle.

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    • Yes you can use coconut oil. .but if you do not see progress try vaseline. .

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  • Try braided hair styles and heatless hair styles. Also get a good conditioner and argan oil


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